Claire (29) Classes throughout 2018

I love going to Ali’s fitness classes.
I go to Ali’s Monday night class and Wednesday morning step class. I have also used her as a personal trainer. They are all different so you will never get bored! She takes into account everyone’s abilities and makes sure that everyone is working as hard as they can without doing any damage. You can tell she has many years of experience in different aspects of fitness, so is adaptable for all walks of life!
Ali uses great metaphors whilst you’re working out, so you know exactly what part of the body she wants you to work, and this ensures you do the exercise properly with minimal risk of damage. The classes are always great fun and Ali’s enthusiasm makes sure of this!

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Anita (40)

Ali is simply the most knowledgeable and informative fitness professional that you could ever wish to meet. I started out as a class attendee but Ali’s enthusiasm and her way of teaching inspired me to become an instructor myself. I had never been to a class before where the teacher explained which muscles were working and how to engage them and also spotted if you were doing something wrong and came over to correct you. In tune to each persons abilities and needs Ali is one of the most caring and attentive instructors I’ve ever met. (She’s also very funny). Highly qualified doesn’t even scratch the surface, Ali is my ‘go to’ person for any health related issues, she always has the answer or at least a suggestion to point me in the right direction. As Tina Turner would say she’s “Simply the Best “

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Charges: 2019



£12.00 PAYG                          

£60.00 x 6 block booking    = 1 class FREE

ACPF CLASS          * 60 MINS

£10.00 PAYG                       

£50.00 x 6    =  1 class FREE


(exceptions at my discretion)


*Please note that all potential P.T. clients require a FREE pre-booking consultation. 1 Hour.

P.T.         AT YOUR OWN HOME / VENUE / GYM   *Max distance 20miles.

£30.00   >  £40.00 p/h    PAYG

£180.00 >  £200.00 x 6 block booking  =  one class FREE

Above price negotiated according distance & individual factors.

P.T.        AT HGSC (Holmer Green)  / HALTON / ZACS GYM (Marlow)

£40.00               PAYG

£220.00 x 6 block booking  =   £20.00 discount  



                                       + 48 HRS = £10.00 FEE


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Veronica (70) 2016 > Present day

My balance has improved, I’m more flexible and my shape is so much nicer – I have a waist and thinner thighs and my posture is so much better. I feel much more alive and vibrant. If Ali can do this for someone who has always avoided exercise……

I can’t wait to get to class each week which is extraordinary as I’ve always hated exercise classes because they always made me feel a failure. Ali’s classes are different. They’re fun whilst challenging and the positive results are easy to feel and great to see.

Week by week class exercise are so varied you never get bored. Ali really does make exercise fun and achieves great results.

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Janice  (69)ABS CORE & PELVIC FLOOR since 2017.

Exercise classes are not for me .. or at least that’s what I thought until I met Ali! I’m 68 , unfit, haven’t done a class for over 30 years, dodgy hip, 2 dodgy knees , osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. I met Ali at a talk she gave and she persuaded me to try one of her classes. She even set a new class up near me! Whilst I still have all my health issues I am SO much better and fitter. She has this unusual ability to work out exactly what an individual needs without making you feel useless  – a real confidence booster. She has encyclopaedic knowledge of fitness and the body which inspires confidence. I should probably add that we laugh a lot, too, which is great therapy in itself. She is such a terrific person and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

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Marina  (60) P.T.  2017 > Present day

Ali’s background and her innate kindness make her hugely empathetic with whatever situation you find yourself in. This, combined with her professionalism, means that the support she gives you in your goals – be it to lose weight or improve fitness – are realistic and empower you to do your best. So she improves not only your fitness but the belief that you can do it.

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Ali P

ALI  (51)  1996  > Present day

I first went along to Ali’s Post-Natal fitness class 27 years ago when I’d just had my first baby, having seen her advert in the local paper. Well, 5 babies grown & I love her and her instructing ethos as much now as I did all those years ago. Ali is fun, rings the changes every week and puts her heart and soul into her classes. You can’t help but enjoy yourself because it’s never boring. May I say that she isn’t exercising for herself but watches out for her clients’ wellbeing. If you have any restrictions or issues – and I have some serious back problems since birth – she has the knowledge to adjust for you. She really cares and the class becomes friends so we have so many laughs that it doesn’t make it feel like exercise and the time flies. Her way of teaching is unique, honest and thorough and quite different from other classes I’ve attended.If you are holding back from joining a gym or haven’t exercised at all in a while because you feel others would be looking at you then Ali is the lady to help. She’s got years of experience and expertise and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

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Personal Training

Personal training has become a real  ‘thing’ in the last 10 years. The number of Personal Trainers in the fitness industry has boomed, alongside on-line ‘apps’ and lifestyle coaches.  It’s all very positive but finding someone that suits you can be a challenge as the choices can be intimidating and the guidance so small.

I may be able to offer you something different, should you fall into the following  – less typical – categories that I target:

  • If you have had trauma via surgery or illness or pain due alterations to your body such as metal pins etc,  or you have joints /muscles that that simply don’t behave as they used to, I may be able to help.
  •  The journey between being discharged from medical care but jumping back to conventional gym or classes and exercise can be scary   >   i.e.; what pain should you ‘work through’ and what should make you stop and adapt?  I can help you through that barrier.
  • If you are daunted by exercise; maybe you have simply have never liked exercise but you know you need to do it – especially if you are a mature novice –I may be able to help you find something you like and will maintain without you having to become a gym bunny or a runner.
  • If you want specific and targeted training for an area of your body I specialise in:
  • *Abdominals & pelvic diaphragm after childbirth /surgery/accident/injury etc
  • *Spinal strength & protection – also as above
  • *Gait and Posture  – awareness, correction and improvement

My personal training will also include access to other trusted colleagues such as naturapaths, nutritionists, chiropractors, physios, and fellow instructors that I work alongside.

If any of the above rings true with you, please make contact. A consultation will always result in something positive.

Personal training charges:  for details please see Timetables and charges page




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Wednesday Abs, Core and Pelvic Floor (ACPF) class

Wednesdays 1.30pm – 2.30pm
Halton Health & Fitness Studio, Chestnut End, Chestnut Avenue, Halton Village, Wendover HP22 5PD


This class is all about using very specific & detailed training tailored to these areas of the body, and specifically to each participant. This knowledge can then be incorporated into both your everyday activity and all the other exercise you do. It’s a free-flowing format allowing time for every member to ask questions & work at their own pace. The aim being to understand and reinforce the details of abdominal & pelvic geography & function plus the importance and interaction of posture and gait.

Absolutely everybody needs this knowledge – there’s no such thing as ‘advanced’ pelvic floor – it just needs to work all the time.  I heartily recommend it to novice exercisers – of any age. It’s a great complimentary class to all other classes and training.

You may well enjoy and feel the benefit of this unique class if:

  • Post natal ladies – even if your ‘baby’ has gone to work – if you have not isolated your AC&PF it’s never too late to start.
  • If you have never isolated AC&PF in your training or it was a long time ago, maybe you want to double check or update your technique.
  • If you are starting to feel a little or a lot out of control of your bladder or a tad more unable to hold in ‘gas’ – now is the time to act.
  • If you’ve got non-specific back ache, post- operative weakness or some issue that causes you to be ‘starting over’ with your fitness, this training may benefit you.
  • You’d like to improve your gait and posture – or not sure if you need to.
  • You would like to improve your balance.
  • You’ll be amazed at how the most familiar of exercises will feel different -more challenging – more achievable when you apply the knowledge from this class.

I can help with all these questions you may be asking about these important muscle groups:


  • Can abdominals actually ‘split’?
  • What is the effect of a Caesarean section or other surgery?
  • What is the effect of pregnancy & weight variation?
  • What part does posture play?
  • What is a ‘six pack’ – is it important?
  • How do abdominals really function?
  • What makes abdominals function incorrectly?
  • Are flat abdominals the goal?
  • How do I recruit & employ my abdominals correctly?


  • What is meant by core?
  • What is a weak core?
  • What is a strong core?
  • Does core training differ from abdominal training?
  • How do I exercise my core correctly?

Pelvic floor:

  • Can I prevent or control incontinence?
  • Does pelvic floor mean bladder and bowel ?
  • Can exercises improve my sex life?
  • What’s the difference between female & male pelvic floor?
  • What effect(s) can pregnancy & birth have?
  • How does ageing affect the pelvic floor?
  • How does surgery or trauma affect pelvic floor?
  • Where & what actually is the pelvic floor?
  • How do I understand, relate to, discover & exercise my pelvic diaphragm correctly?
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