Wednesday Abs, Core and Pelvic Floor (ACPF) class

Wednesdays 1.30pm – 2.30pm
Halton Health & Fitness Studio, Chestnut End, Chestnut Avenue, Halton Village, Wendover HP22 5PD


This class is all about using very specific & detailed training tailored to these areas of the body, and specifically to each participant. This knowledge can then be incorporated into both your everyday activity and all the other exercise you do. It’s a free-flowing format allowing time for every member to ask questions & work at their own pace. The aim being to understand and reinforce the details of abdominal & pelvic geography & function plus the importance and interaction of posture and gait.

Absolutely everybody needs this knowledge – there’s no such thing as ‘advanced’ pelvic floor – it just needs to work all the time.  I heartily recommend it to novice exercisers – of any age. It’s a great complimentary class to all other classes and training.

You may well enjoy and feel the benefit of this unique class if:

  • Post natal ladies – even if your ‘baby’ has gone to work – if you have not isolated your AC&PF it’s never too late to start.
  • If you have never isolated AC&PF in your training or it was a long time ago, maybe you want to double check or update your technique.
  • If you are starting to feel a little or a lot out of control of your bladder or a tad more unable to hold in ‘gas’ – now is the time to act.
  • If you’ve got non-specific back ache, post- operative weakness or some issue that causes you to be ‘starting over’ with your fitness, this training may benefit you.
  • You’d like to improve your gait and posture – or not sure if you need to.
  • You would like to improve your balance.
  • You’ll be amazed at how the most familiar of exercises will feel different -more challenging – more achievable when you apply the knowledge from this class.

I can help with all these questions you may be asking about these important muscle groups:


  • Can abdominals actually ‘split’?
  • What is the effect of a Caesarean section or other surgery?
  • What is the effect of pregnancy & weight variation?
  • What part does posture play?
  • What is a ‘six pack’ – is it important?
  • How do abdominals really function?
  • What makes abdominals function incorrectly?
  • Are flat abdominals the goal?
  • How do I recruit & employ my abdominals correctly?


  • What is meant by core?
  • What is a weak core?
  • What is a strong core?
  • Does core training differ from abdominal training?
  • How do I exercise my core correctly?

Pelvic floor:

  • Can I prevent or control incontinence?
  • Does pelvic floor mean bladder and bowel ?
  • Can exercises improve my sex life?
  • What’s the difference between female & male pelvic floor?
  • What effect(s) can pregnancy & birth have?
  • How does ageing affect the pelvic floor?
  • How does surgery or trauma affect pelvic floor?
  • Where & what actually is the pelvic floor?
  • How do I understand, relate to, discover & exercise my pelvic diaphragm correctly?
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