WORLD MENOPAUSE DAY 18th october 2020



On World Menopause Day the myriad ‘Symptoms of the Menopause’ will be discussed. A Woman may have none, some, or all of them but the Pelvic Floor is the one area of health and fitness that EVERY woman should be proactively concerned about long before, during and after Menopause. The Health and function of the Pelvic Diaphragm is still mis-understood and its connection to incontinence means that it remains at best awkward and at worst ‘taboo’.  Questions…What does ‘Pelvic Floor’ mean? Is it ever too early or too late to start exercising your pelvic floor? If you’re not ‘leaking’ why should you bother? How do you exercise your pelvic floor correctly and thoroughly? Do my ‘toilet habits’ have an effect? Is incontinence an inevitable part of ageing? Does the menopause cause incontinence? Can HRT help or make it worse?………….and SO many more! Lots of health concerns can affect our pelvic diaphragm at any age, but the chances of incontinence increase particularly for women as we age and if we bear children and is significantly more likely during menopause and beyond. I specialise in the education and specific training for all the above questions, and more, because your Pelvic Diaphragm is integral to all physical function, not just continence.

At Menopause, the effects of tissue atrophy due to hormone changes can alter pelvic tissue and cause a particular type of bladder incontinence that exercise on its own won’t always prevent. But there is help; Yvette Hastings, BA (Hons) Exon and a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine is a fount of knowledge re all things scientifically Menopause. Her knowledge of HRT’s and supplements – both natural and chemical – is second to none and constantly updated. Indeed, Yvette has developed her own unique and effective natural HRT alternative. Yvette can give you knowledgeable reassuring guidance of all the pros and cons. With reference to bladder incontinence and vaginal dryness there are non-systemic HRT’s that can be particularly useful in helping with the effects of pelvic tissue atrophy, which will complement your [vital] pelvic diaphragm exercise.            If you would like to ask about any aspect of the symptoms and management of your unique Menopause journey, Yvette and I are here and keen to help. Supporting and informing Women’s Healthy Ageing is our vocation.

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