Monday & Thursday General Fitness Class

Monday & Thursday – ComprehensiveFitness Classes

A mix of funky aerobic routines , L.I.I.T & H.I.I.T, strength work with weights and body bars, resistance training with bands, callisthenics, progressive stretching, mindfulness & relaxation, and always but always pelvic diaphragm work.

There is also the all important girly chats & giggles – ensuring full exercise of facial muscles.                     😉 What’s discussed in class, stays in class 

Monday class :  7.30pm – 8.45pm
At:  Sports Hall – Holmer Green Junior School, The Common, Holmer Green HP15 6TD

Thursday class :  9.15am – 10.30am
At:  Holmer Green Squash Club – Sports Pavilion, Watchet Lane, Holmer Green HP15 6UF


Info:  This format could be regarded as’ old fashioned’ in that there are no gimmicks or fitness fads. I offer a workout based on my years of experience, sound technique and comprehensive instruction using proven exercises updated and adapted, where necessary.

This class is suitable for most anyone, but I make no apology for it being particularly aimed at what I call my ‘LOACAS’ – ladies of a certain age. That does conjure up all kinds of stereotypes, however there is a serious consideration. It is genuinely important for women to begin to adapt their exercise and gradually alter it effectively from peri-menopause through to post menopause. That includes a shift in emphasis from aerobics to resistance training – we definitely do both but in different proportion. From youth to <>40years we women need a 60/40% bias towards aerobic exercise. From 40years <> onwards the emphasis on aerobic training needs to reduce and alter generally and individually.

It’s worth noting that I have an age range from 29 to 63  in Monday class at the moment.  Any class can & will be valid if you are taught well.  Exercise is effective if it is suitable for the individual and according to how it is performed by each individual – and I guide that.

The class is always a combo of both the familiar and new routines which I turn over by rote.  It’s important to become accomplished at some routines & exercises because once you are familiar with them you can really train effectively. But boredom leads to poor technique so I change it up a little each week.

I also regularly incorporate the ‘Eggball’ into this class.  I am one of a very few instructors who use this oval shaped ball. I introduced it back in 2002. It is a superb training aid which I prefer to the round balls you may be familiar with. The oval ball allows for the ‘wallow’ that aids stability training – however, it is more versatile and not nearly as unstable as a round ball on which many exercisers spend more time worrying & falling than actually exercising. It’s also safe & enjoyable for serious home exercise to complement what you do at class and increase your overall exercise capacity.

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