General information for all classes and P.T.

What should I expect from a class?

All my classes & personal training will variously include, as appropriate:

  • Verbal & practical preparation.
  • Warm up
  • Abdominal, core & pelvic floor (diaphragm) application
  • Training using varied equipment
  • Training using bodyweight
  • L.I.T.S.. & H.I.I.T.S. (low & high impact interval training)
  • Dance & movement routines
  • Progressive stretch, mobility & flexibility
  • Mindfulness & relaxation
  • Individual adaptation

Please note: except for ACPF , group classes are 75 mins long to allow for get in /get out & full instruction by me and thus a full hour of actual exercise.


With the exception of Eggballs, all training equipment is provided by me in both P.T. and the classes.

I do carry spare mats but if you become a regular attender I do encourage the purchase of a mat, please, to save me lugging too many around to each venue. I always keep a supply of professional mats for sale at cost price.

If you wish to purchase any particular equipment please ask & we can discuss whether it’s appropriate. I can access professional quality equipment at a good price for you. I can also create home programmes.

Please bring water or your preferred drink to class/P.T.

Pre-training consultation

Personal training is, by definition, bespoke and all new P.T. clients have a free 1-hour consultation as well as completing a participant questionnaire.


For your safety & comfort I request all participants to fill in a questionnaire before commencing training, so I have enough relevant information to compile the class format. That information is not entered on to any computer or database by me. If you leave classes I destroy the paperwork after 6 months. I do not discuss your personal information with anyone or other professional colleagues without your express permission.

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