Personal Training

Personal training has become a real  ‘thing’ in the last 10 years. The number of Personal Trainers in the fitness industry has boomed, alongside on-line ‘apps’ and lifestyle coaches.  It’s all very positive but finding someone that suits you can be a challenge as the choices can be intimidating and the guidance so small.

I may be able to offer you something different, should you fall into the following  – less typical – categories that I target:

  • If you have had trauma via surgery or illness or pain due alterations to your body such as metal pins etc,  or you have joints /muscles that that simply don’t behave as they used to, I may be able to help.
  •  The journey between being discharged from medical care but jumping back to conventional gym or classes and exercise can be scary   >   i.e.; what pain should you ‘work through’ and what should make you stop and adapt?  I can help you through that barrier.
  • If you are daunted by exercise; maybe you have simply have never liked exercise but you know you need to do it – especially if you are a mature novice –I may be able to help you find something you like and will maintain without you having to become a gym bunny or a runner.
  • If you want specific and targeted training for an area of your body I specialise in:
  • *Abdominals & pelvic diaphragm after childbirth /surgery/accident/injury etc
  • *Spinal strength & protection – also as above
  • *Gait and Posture  – awareness, correction and improvement

My personal training will also include access to other trusted colleagues such as naturapaths, nutritionists, chiropractors, physios, and fellow instructors that I work alongside.

If any of the above rings true with you, please make contact. A consultation will always result in something positive.

Personal training charges:  for details please see Timetables and charges page




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