‘STEP’ AEROBICS New Venue! New Time!

Ali circa 1994

 Classic ‘STEP’ aerobics.

Original ‘STEP’ training is versatile, comprehensive, super effective, safe, & hugely enjoyable!

You get a heck of a lot of benefit for your buck with STEP! 20 minutes  ‘Stepping’ is all you need to gain benefit.  It’s an effective aerobic workout from the get go with sculpting benefits to the whole body, finishing up with a specific abdominal focus and a super stretch. Marvellous!

Classic ‘STEP’ is on: Wednesdays 9.15am – 10.30am at Holmer Green Squash Club, Sports Pavilion, Watchet Lane, Holmer Green HP15 6UF

More about ‘STEP’

I am inordinately proud of the fact that I launched ‘STEP’ in the UK way back in the 1990’s

As I am one of the original ‘STEP’ instructors, I have taught hundreds of classes, mentored many instructors and given professional demos of this awesome exercise method.

‘STEP’ is making a resurgence, but many present-day classes don’t use pure ‘STEP’ but incorporate the ‘STEP’ into other formats. I teach it in its pure form. Good ‘STEP’ technique is essential & involves 3 important factors which I instruct thoroughly;

  • Technique = The “3PS” = Posture + Positioning + Performance
  • Perceived exertion = how hard you feel you are working
  • Intensity = how hard you are actually working

Bad for the knees?

There are those who would suggest ‘STEP’ is ‘bad’ for the knees. The truth is that, like all exercise formats, there are some contra-indicated knee/joint/spine conditions that may prevent an individual from participating in all sorts of exercise types, not just ‘STEP’.  Your pre-class questionnaire will reveal if we need caution or – vary rarely – exemption.

However, poor ‘STEP’ technique is unacceptable and is bad for your whole body, not just your knees. Indeed, poor technique or over use in most training genres is bad for the knees. Therefore, apart from the few specific contra-indicated conditions, quality ‘STEP’ training will benefit all your joints. ‘STEP’ usefully aids osteo-health as it offers the impact required to help prevent osteoporosis without having to jump hugely.

‘STEP’ is good for all aspects of fitness ; heart & lungs, muscular strength & power, bone health, co-ordination, mental health & wellbeing.

I give all participants the guidance & time to develop technique. Once you are stepping competently and confidently you will find the simplest routines improve heart & lung health, co-ordination, muscular strength and balance.

As an instructor I love the fact that in any one ‘STEP’ group I can mix beginners with experienced ‘steppers’ and everyone can have an effective, enjoyable training session.

Come and give it a go – or if you miss the good old days of great music bopped around the ‘STEP’, come back to it!

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