Claire (29) Classes throughout 2018

I love going to Ali’s fitness classes.
I go to Ali’s Monday night class and Wednesday morning step class. I have also used her as a personal trainer. They are all different so you will never get bored! She takes into account everyone’s abilities and makes sure that everyone is working as hard as they can without doing any damage. You can tell she has many years of experience in different aspects of fitness, so is adaptable for all walks of life!
Ali uses great metaphors whilst you’re working out, so you know exactly what part of the body she wants you to work, and this ensures you do the exercise properly with minimal risk of damage. The classes are always great fun and Ali’s enthusiasm makes sure of this!

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Anita (40)

Ali is simply the most knowledgeable and informative fitness professional that you could ever wish to meet. I started out as a class attendee but Ali’s enthusiasm and her way of teaching inspired me to become an instructor myself. I had never been to a class before where the teacher explained which muscles were working and how to engage them and also spotted if you were doing something wrong and came over to correct you. In tune to each persons abilities and needs Ali is one of the most caring and attentive instructors I’ve ever met. (She’s also very funny). Highly qualified doesn’t even scratch the surface, Ali is my ‘go to’ person for any health related issues, she always has the answer or at least a suggestion to point me in the right direction. As Tina Turner would say she’s “Simply the Best “

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Veronica (70) 2016 > Present day

My balance has improved, I’m more flexible and my shape is so much nicer – I have a waist and thinner thighs and my posture is so much better. I feel much more alive and vibrant. If Ali can do this for someone who has always avoided exercise……

I can’t wait to get to class each week which is extraordinary as I’ve always hated exercise classes because they always made me feel a failure. Ali’s classes are different. They’re fun whilst challenging and the positive results are easy to feel and great to see.

Week by week class exercise are so varied you never get bored. Ali really does make exercise fun and achieves great results.

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Janice  (69)ABS CORE & PELVIC FLOOR since 2017.

Exercise classes are not for me .. or at least that’s what I thought until I met Ali! I’m 68 , unfit, haven’t done a class for over 30 years, dodgy hip, 2 dodgy knees , osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. I met Ali at a talk she gave and she persuaded me to try one of her classes. She even set a new class up near me! Whilst I still have all my health issues I am SO much better and fitter. She has this unusual ability to work out exactly what an individual needs without making you feel useless  – a real confidence booster. She has encyclopaedic knowledge of fitness and the body which inspires confidence. I should probably add that we laugh a lot, too, which is great therapy in itself. She is such a terrific person and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

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Marina  (60) P.T.  2017 > Present day

Ali’s background and her innate kindness make her hugely empathetic with whatever situation you find yourself in. This, combined with her professionalism, means that the support she gives you in your goals – be it to lose weight or improve fitness – are realistic and empower you to do your best. So she improves not only your fitness but the belief that you can do it.

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Ali P

ALI  (51)  1996  > Present day

I first went along to Ali’s Post-Natal fitness class 27 years ago when I’d just had my first baby, having seen her advert in the local paper. Well, 5 babies grown & I love her and her instructing ethos as much now as I did all those years ago. Ali is fun, rings the changes every week and puts her heart and soul into her classes. You can’t help but enjoy yourself because it’s never boring. May I say that she isn’t exercising for herself but watches out for her clients’ wellbeing. If you have any restrictions or issues – and I have some serious back problems since birth – she has the knowledge to adjust for you. She really cares and the class becomes friends so we have so many laughs that it doesn’t make it feel like exercise and the time flies. Her way of teaching is unique, honest and thorough and quite different from other classes I’ve attended.If you are holding back from joining a gym or haven’t exercised at all in a while because you feel others would be looking at you then Ali is the lady to help. She’s got years of experience and expertise and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

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Romi (51)2002 > Present day

Ali was recommended to me by a friend, as a post-natal specialist fitness instructor. I was a new mother then, with my first born child & I kept coming until 2 years later I had my son. I moved into harder classes as Ali advised and I was no longer post-natal. Over the next 13 years I also had some 1 to 1 personal training with Ali and the only reason I didn’t continue was because she moved out of area and took care of her parents. I have experienced a number of instructors but I can honestly say Ali is the best I have known because of her complete professionalism. Her dedication to her clients in terms of safety and care, however many were in the class nothing escaped Ali’s beady eyes! Her breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm and support, dedication to her work, wherever it was from sports hall to village hall Ali made it clean & safe for us and our children. Her enthusiasm rubbed off on us and was the reason we kept exercising. We all felt safe in her hands. I have never met anyone who would offer all of the above in one person and I am grateful for having had her in my life.

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Claire – 1990’s > 2010

In the 9 years I attended Ali’s classes she rebuilt my fitness and self-esteem after giving birth to my two children. If you join her class you will be being taught by one of the most talented fitness instructors in the UK. She has the ability and depth of knowledge to create an inspired workout whilst making it fun. Each class is unique and tailored to your individual needs, you will see the benefit and you will know you have worked out when you leave! One last note on Ali herself, she is the consummate professional who will keep your wellbeing at the forefront of her care for you. She will brighten your life with her joy of life and genuine good hearted nature

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Paula (44) PT 2017 > Present day

I recently started personal training with Ali and have found her to be very knowledgeable, engaging, pushy (in the best way) encouraging, honest and fun. She is so full of energy herself it’s impossible not to put everything you can in to each session and she finds ways to make exercises very intense, confidence building and interesting. The explanations on what, how & why exercises work is invaluable when you repeat exercises at home, too. Key for me was to work on my abdominal strength having had abdominal separation after children. Ali helped with that and gained my trust and respect to branch that out to work on the most beneficial and impactful parts of my body to give strength, health and wellbeing. It’s a hard hour with huge benefits!

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